Samsung ditches 32GB Galaxy Nexus

Samsung has apparently dropped plans to introduce a 32GB version of Google’s flagship Galaxy Nexus phone.

According to, citing retail sources, Samsung has already started informing retailers and distributors that the 32GB version was dropped from production. This would leave the Galaxy Nexus with just 16GB of storage, just like its predecessor. Worse, the phone does not feature a microSD slot for expansion, either.

The news probably won’t go down well with Android fans and frankly it doesn’t bode well for the Nexus brand in general. Google pushed back the ICS launch a couple of times already, then it was forced to yank the ICS update for the old Nexus S late last year.

The whole point of the Nexus brand was to showcase the latest Android features and provide Google with a flagship handset. However, sticking to 16GB of storage on the Galaxy Nexus and failing to deliver timely updates for the old Nexus S is sending the wrong message and giving iPhone 4S 64GB users a new reason to be smug.



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