ASUS VP promises to be the first to Jelly Bean

With the continuous updates of Android coming out, several manufacturers especially for mobile phones are quick to adopt the greatest and latest version while others are taking so long. ASUS is one of those listed as part of the quick manufacturers when it comes to device updates. Asus was able to
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update its first Transformer device to the Honeycomb version. It was also fast to upgrade its ASUS Prime to the ICS Android 4.0 OS especially during the time when many devices still had earlier versions. And at the moment, it is talking about updating its devices to the upcoming mobile operating system of Google, the Jelly Bean or Android 5.0.

TechRadar said that the close relationship of ASUS to Google particularly in the past several months place them in the best position to have the next Android version. That version will surely be known as the Jelly Bean but it has not been confirmed yet if it will be called Android 4.1 or something else.

Corporate Vice President of Asus Mr Benson Lin told TechRadar that Asus is quite close with Google that is why it is somehow sure that when Android 5.0 becomes available, there is a very high chance that the company will be the first one to offer the update to the Jelly Bean OS.

Among the devices of ASUS, the Transformer is considered to be one of the hot selling tablets together with the recent Transformer Prime. When this is combined with the recently launched ASUS Padfone during the Mobile World Congress which becomes available in April, there is a great chance that the company will once again be the first unless if Google decides to unveil another Nexus device.

As the ASUS Padfone manifests a great showing of what the ICS OS is capable of in combining the latest operating systems from Google, the next Jelly Bean version should bring them together even further and be great devices. Since having the ICS, the ASUS Prime has obtained several updates in the last several months for bug repairs. As such, several users want to wait for the next 4 to 6 months to obtain the most recent and greatest operating system update.



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