Outcry over ‘cruel’ fad for dying baby chicks at Easter time

The birds are coloured by either injecting colourant into the egg or are sprayed after hatching.

After a few weeks the colour wears off as the chicks moult, reported The New York Times.

Approximately half the states in the US have already banned the practice; however Florida recently over turned a 45-year-old law preventing the dyeing of animals.

The move has animal rights up in arms who say the practice results in the animals being stressed, sold too young and ultimately discarded like rubbish.

“Humane societies are overflowing with these animals after Easter every year,” said Don Anthony of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida.

“This law has protected thousands of animals from neglect and abuse, and it shouldn’t be lifted on the whim of one dog groomer who wants to dye poodles purple.”

One chicken farmer The New York Times spoke to said she dyed the chicks to make extra money, but disagreed the birds were harmed.

“The bird’s sprayed with a fine mist,” she said. “It’s done real quickly, and the birds are put in a hatcher, where they dry off real quick. It does not hurt them at all.”

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/world/outcry-over-cruel-fad-for-dying-baby-chicks-at-easter-time/story-e6frfkyi-1226317499821#ixzz1qwqHtoVz


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