What food should you eat to slow the effects of ageing?

While people generally turn quite anxious about their body’s condition as they age, a US academician has claimed that once individuals reach their 90s their body in fact stops ageing. According to Michael Rose, a professor of evolutionary biology, if you are lucky enough to live that long, you stop ageing, Daily Mail reported. To actually get to that moment, Rose suggests adopting a ‘Stone Age’ diet since the age of around 30. Grains and dairy products should be avoided and seafood, fruits, nuts and vegetables embraced.

Writing in the New Scientist magazine, Rose states that switching to the sort of diet favoured by our hunter-gatherer ancestors could speed up the advent of the healthy part of old age. The University of California professor practices what he preaches, as he says: “I have been following such a diet – avoiding grass-derived foods, such as grains, rice, corn and sugarcane, and anything made from milk – for two years and the results have been good.”

Rose’s advice is based on the observation that, in general, we do not get sicker and sicker as we get older and older. While your health may not be great, it is not getting worse, he maintains. He says that when we are young, our bodies are probably better able to cope with modern diets. But as we age, we would be better suited to a caveman diet. ”The discovery that ageing stops suggests that the age-old desire to radically extend the human life span is a real possibility.”

Sources: http://health.india.com/fitness/what-food-should-you-eat-to-slow-the-effects-of-ageing/


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