SAP Bets On HANA For Database

SAP is banking on HANA, its in-memory application platform, to capture the database market in India. “We have emerged as the fastest-growing provider of database. With the demand for HANA’s in-memory, Sybase IQ and relational database rising, we will overtake others in the space,” predicted Peter Gartenberg, MD, SAP India.

Gartenberg is looking at SAP’s 190,000 global customers, of whom 170,000 are using SAP applications for growth. “All these 170,000 application customers will eventually be on our database platform.”

Speaking about the company’s efforts to promote HANA, he said, “If customers buy HANA, we take 30 percent of the license fee and credit it to their consultancy fee. Right now, we are the fourth-largest database company behind Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. Each quarter, we are adding 20 new customers who are running SAP applications on our database. HANA too is seeing early adoption. With the current growth rate, we aim to be the No 2 end-to-end solutions provider in 2013.”

To achieve this target SAP is expanding across geographies (within India), industries and offerings to application partners. Globally, 3,000 customers are evaluating HANA, and deals worth one million euros are in the pipeline. “I will not be surprised if we cross two million euros by the end of the fiscal,” Gartenberg said.

In India, the company is scouting for opportunities in the government segment. It is also targeting opportunities in BI on top of HANA. Said Gartenberg, “HANA for BI Analytics is a runtime license targeted at accelerating BI Analytics by using HANA with the existing BI systems. The HANA Edge edition is a full-use license for the SMB market for operational and agile datamarting use cases. Both these SKUs are today sold only via our partners.”



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